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Our focus

We are the premier provider of Analytical Services. Our goal is to help our clients obtain exceptional information to make effective decisions regarding their business opportunities and risks. Our analysts are well trained and experienced in econometrics, machine learning, biostatistics and operations research techniques.
Data Science

Predictive Modeling, Behavioral Modeling, Machine Learning, Optimization, Text Mining, Big Data, Web Mining, Large Scale Data Processing, Unstructured Data, Cloud Solutions Programming support and training (languages = R, SAS, Python, SQL)

Business Insights

Dashboards, Data Visualization, Infographics, Custom Reports, Dynamic Reporting

Model Development and Validation

Development of loss forecasting and stress testing models including documentation for various portfolios. Providing independent validation of CCAR and financial crime models. Building AML/Financial crime models and tools.

Clinical Trials

Study design and statistical consulting, Protocol development and review, Sample size and Power calculations, Development and production of randomization schemes, schedules, and blinding, Case Report Forms (CRFs) review, Statistical Analysis Plans (SAPs), Data analyses for Tables, Listings and Figures (TLFs) meeting FDA and other regulatory agencies guidelines for submissions SDTM data set creation and conversion

About Us

We help you derive business Insights from data
Sutter Analytics enables businesses compete in this era of BIG data.

Sutter Analytics is an advanced analytics firm based in Raleigh, NC. We help businesses make data driven decisions in solving complex business problems leading to better results. By mining, analyzing and modeling relevant data, we can develop and use intelligence that allows your company identify opportunities, anticipate threats, improve effectiveness, manage risk, and develop winning strategies. Our firm provides services to businesses, governments, NGOs, churches, colleges and universities to help them make better data driven decisions. We combine our quantitative modeling expertise with deep understanding of business needs and state-of-the-art technologies to solve complex problems. We have a strong team of data scientists, data engineers, biostatisticians and business consultants.

  • Statistical Models and Machine Learning
  • Model Development & Validation
  • Clinical Trials
  • Marketing Analytics

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